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Weekly Full Service


All of the following is included for one low monthly rate:

  • Test water chemistry​​

  • Add chemicals needed to balance

  • Add salt as needed (Salt pools)

  • Clean chlorine generator (Salt pools)

  • Brush all surfaces

  • Skim the surface

  • Vacuum (we use a commercial system)

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets

  • Backwash DE and Sand filters as needed

  • Clean filter cartridge as needed

Leak Detection


We have partnered with one of the top leak detection companies in America to provide best in class leak detection and repair.


 The signs of a possible pool leak include:

  • Having to add water frequently

  • Wet areas in the yard

  • Missing tile, or cracks/gaps near the skimmer

  • Cracks in the underwater surface

  • Moisture gathering around the pump and/or filter area

Contact us today to schedule your leak detection. 

Weekly Chrlorine Only



The following is included for one low monthly rate:

  • Weekly addition of liquid chlorine

  • Addition of chlorinating tablets as needed


Additionally, the following can be added on at an as needed basis *:

  • Filter cleaning

  • Brushing, Skimming and Vacuuming


* Additional services would be at an additional fee.

New Equipment Installation



We are a Leslie's Pro company. This means that we can offer the same high quality equipment you would buy at your local Leslie's store, but at a reduced rate.

Even better, the equipment is installed by a trained Leslie's installer, and  includes the same warranty!

Equipment we offer include:

  • Salt Systems

  • Pool Heaters

  • Complete Filter Assemblies

  • Variable Speed Pumps

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